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We started with the concept of just making pizza better
– the best it could possibly be.

Fresh premium local produce, with new, unique toppings, & healthier leaner options.

We make all our own sauces, dressings & marinades in house, with no processed foods, no preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours.

Our meats are all roasted daily & our thin dough bases are made using high protein flour & semolina.

We take the traditional concept of making a pizza from the base up & turn it on its head.

We start with the ingredients needed to make a great tasting meal that would stand up in its own right.
A pizza you could enjoy without the dough! Then we think about how we can best serve it on a perfect thin pizza base.

We take time and care to make all our pizzas the best they can be:

Our humble ham & pineapple pizza, we use fresh cut pineapple – not tinned; fresh buffalo mozzarella-not processed; honey baked leg ham roasted in house & pulled from the bone in chunks – not processed.

One of our best sellers-the peking duck with sumptuous duck breast on a hoisin base with shiitake mushrooms, spring onions & plumb sauce. A less traditional choice, but a taste sensation.
Our famous chipotle pulled pork. Slow-cooked until the lean tender meat falls from the bone, marinated in our own smoked chipotle sauce & served with a light cabbage slaw. Absolutely delicious.

We will always strive to make better pizza.
The best a pizza can possibly be!